Demo 2016

by Gutcheck

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released December 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Gutcheck Miami, Florida

Miami. Hardcore.

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Track Name: Test Me
This is your Gutcheck! Test me!
Bring your friends.
Talk your shit.
Do what you want, step up and test me.
Stand behind your two sided mirrors. I'm sick of double standards.
I'm so sick of this shit. I am so sick of this shit.
Track Name: No Safe Zone
You call this a safe space, but you've brought the war. Everything is hostile, much more than before. You go around spewing the hate, that you try to break. You're nothing but a wolf in sheep's clothing. Leading the blind into your PC games. Sheep following wolves, but the sheep stay mindless. Stop putting on a front for your friends. What kind of change have you brought? Changing your status won't fix the world you claim to have dominion over. You're in my domain. Hidden agendas. Safe space born of fear. You're so fake. Flocks of sheep. This was never a real "safe space." Your PC shit is worthless. It's become worthless.
Track Name: American Me (feat. Travis Tabron of Varials)
Idolatry, hypocrisy, and unrelenting bigotry. We're so far ahead to just take 20 steps back. Can you not see the blatant lack of respect? I feel ashamed to be an American, when many American's contain such blind minds. Support who can pay you the most, but lose sight of your integrity. Sell your soul to the big players in this game for your get out of jail free card, for that quick buck and that fake good luck. Lose sight of yourself. Idolatry, hypocrisy, and unrelenting bigotry. I'm not the voice of the voiceless, I just decided to finally speak out. Lose sight of yourself trying to see your reflection in all of that fool's gold, but I swear, truth be told, your ignorance is getting quite old. Stand up for yourself and not for the liars and bigots.